Vegetarian ofada rice recipe

In a quest for the all round ofada rice that can be eating by all, the ofada rice and mixed vegetable sauce was attempted and has been shown to be a very tasty vegetarian alternative.


There are a lot of other delicious and nutritious ways to eat ofada rice for meat eaters, like the  ayamase and obe ata-iru, etc. And you can still add some beef and dried fish to give the vegetable mix…

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6 other ways to cook rice

Frankly, we Nigerians love rice. It is easy and reasonable quick to cook and fits almost any occasion. But more of the same gets boring for even the best of things. So, here a list of ways to spice up rice.


1 – Rice with tomato stew: All time favourite. Needs no introductions. The only ponder is, will you be cooking chicken, beef, fish, goat meat……or combos. 

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Reduce risk of developing life threatening diseases by eating Ofada Rice – Lagos dieticians

Two Lagos based dieticians in a recent interviews with NAN attempted to sensitize Nigerians on the health benefits of eating ofada rice. They spoke of ofada rice’s ability to lower cholesterol and how it is very advisable for people with diabetes.


First is Mr Olusola Malomo, a dietician at the Massey Hospital in Lagos, said the major reason to forgo parboiled rice in favour of ofada rice is because polished and parboiled…

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17 Nigerian food that will help with weight loss without starving yourself

You do not need to starve yourself to lose weight! No, let me rephrase. You should not starve yourself to lose weight. No, one last time. Starving yourself to lose weight would not work!. Sure ,some people are wondering if I am okay and have already closed this page. Well, bye, hope you find your miracle weight loss post soon. And others are wondering “ but my friend did the 1 indomie per day thing, or only the salad…

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One delicious way to prevent diabetes, eat Ofada rice

When most people start feeling the onset of hunger, the first thought is what can I eat to satiate this hunger. A lot stop on just this thought and don’t pay any extra attention to the nutritional values that can be derived. But not all foods are made equal, some little portions can provide massive benefits to the body, while some actually expose your body to health hazards. This has been the theme of many “ofada rice vs white…

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How to prepare Obe ata iru for Ofada rice

When you go to a restaurant or Bukka and order ofada rice. There is no denying that the sauce is always what stands out and keeps you wanting more. Right?. well, there are two main stews served with ofada rice, the ayamase “designer” stew and obe ata iru/obe ata didu. The main difference between ayamase and obe ata iru is the colour. Ayamase uses green pepper only, but cooking an d preparation is exactly the same.


Today I will be…

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How To Cook Ofada Rice Properly

A lot of people are raving about the deliciousness of ofada rice and Ayamase sauce or obe ata dindin. And rightly so, the spice of the ofada sauce and unique taste of Ofada rice makes for a delicacy that keeps you wanting more.


But why cook ofada rice over generic white rice? The answer is quite simple, its is simply much healthier. Plus since it…

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How to prepare Ayamase Sauce for Ofada rice


Ayamase stew, aka designer stew is among the spicy-est of stews consumed in Nigeria. We can blame this on its origins from Ogun state, Nigeria. Ogun state people are know to have deep freezers in their throat. The designer name is from the overload of meat and,or fish that “designs” the stew. In my opinion, the taste of the ayamase sauce is what makes Ofada rice such a sought after delicacy. And here is how you can make…

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Ofada rice: The nutritional values you did not know about

Ofada rice is the the name of a non-genetically modified variety of rice grown in south-western Nigeria. Primarily on Ogun state. It is named after the town of Ofada, where it was first grown. 


Ofada rice is not indigenous to Nigeria, and is said to have been smuggled by a soldier into Nigeria when he returned from Asia.


Ofada rice are of two types, brown and white ofada rice. The brown ofada rice is…

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